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Polyconn guarantees each product against defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from date of shipment. Because of a policy of constant improvement, Polyconn reserves the right to make design changes and improvements in our products at any time without notice or assuming any obligations to incorporate changes and improvements in products previously sold, nor to replace previously sold products with these changes and improvements.

Warranty Returns
Any warranty is void if returned product is disassembled or if the configuration has been altered in any way.

We make no other warranty, expressed or implied.

If products fail to perform as warranted, Polyconn will repair or replace, at our option. We will not assume any liability for consequential damages, labor delays or any other charges.

Return Policy
All returns:
Must be authorized and assigned a Return of Goods Authorization number (RGA#).
Must have the RGA# visible on returned package. Must be returned within 30 days after RGA# is issued.
(Only material and quantities listed will be accepted- all other material will be refused and returned at customer expense.) All returns will be charged a 25% restocking fee.
Product must be: In quality saleable condition, in the original packaging and of current production and design (less than 1 year old).
Defective or damaged product:
Follow guidelines for obtaining RGA# and credit will be issued upon receipt and inspection of product (no restocking fee will apply).


Design and Specification
All published information is based on usual manufacturing standards and product applications and is for general reference purposes. Supplied information is in no way a representation of a warranty for product.

Polyconn components are designed for specific applications in pneumatic systems. They are tested with filtered and lubricated air under specified limits of temperature and pressure. For special uses with media other than air, for nonindustrial applications or for life support systems, contact Polyconn for more information. Complying with our specifications will ensure safe and proper installation and operation.
Regulators are for use in industrial compressed air applications only and are not to be used where pressure or temperature can exceed rated operating conditions. Pressure indicating and feedback devices such as gauges and transducers must be regularly checked and calibrated to insure accuracy. Calibration should be done prior to installation and at regular intervals. Refer to ANSIB40.1-1974 for standards relating to gauge performance and use. Consult Polyconn before using this product with media other than air or in nonindustrial, life support applications.

Suitability for Application
It is the responsibility of the specifying and purchasing organization to determine suitability of any Polyconn product for a particular application. The customer assumes all risk in the testing and investigating of a product to be used in a specific application.

Materials Compatibility
Occasionally lubricants or contaminants found in compressed air systems can attack material used in the manufacture of these components, resulting in product failure. The installer should ensure component materials are compatible with the system.

High Pressure Level
Compressed air systems are under a high level of pressure. Any attempt to connect, disconnect or repair these components under these circumstances could result in serious personal injury. Disconnect and vent all pressure sources prior to removal.

Special considerations should be given in corrosive atmospheres such as chemical, salt air, water or dust. Polyconn can offer other options that resist corrosive attacks.

Code Compliance
Polyconn strongly advises that all installation and repair of components be performed by FPS certified personnel. The installer is cautioned to observe all electrical, mechanical and other codes applicable to the installation and operation of these products.

Repair & Conversion
Components are required to be checked for leakage and proper function prior to installation and operation if they have been disassembled for repair or if their configuration has been altered.