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Automated packaging robotics machine Automation, robotics, and industrial packaging lines require pneumatic tubing you can count on. Pneumatic tubing and hose must provide flexible and long-lasting performances while handling the variety of tough conditions present on automated lines. These components must stand up to the rigors of extended operations, corrosive materials, and potentially harsh environments in applications such as:
  • Vacuum or pick-and-place equipment
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Process lines
  • Robotics
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • And many others!
No matter your application, Polyconn has the color-coded, coiled, and kink-resistant plastic tubing required to complete any automated packaging job. As a full-service distributor, we’re ready to supply, source, and deliver quality pneumatic components that fit your system specifications and are delivered on time for competitive prices.

Automated Packaging Lines

No two robotics, industrial packaging, or other automated assembly operations are exactly alike. To meet the needs of diverse systems, Polyconn offers a broad range of pneumatic tubing and plastic hose intentionally designed to match your requirements. To further improve your operations, we also supply a variety of push-to-connect fittings and barb style fittings for any pneumatic system.

Explore our technical specifications for more in-depth information about our available plastic tubing and hose.

Plastic Tubing in Polyurethane, Nylon and Polyethylene

Plastic tubing is essential for any pneumatic system's efficient and effective operations, including vacuum pick-and-place lines, printers, robotics, and more. Designed with superior shape retention, we offer a variety of plastic tubing to match the needs of your facility: Each material is suited to different specifications, temperatures, and environments. Color-coded options are available for enhanced organization. If you are still determining which plastic tubing is your best option, call 763-559-0388 to speak to a pneumatic specialist.

Coiled Tubing & Other Specialty Hoses

Certain automation, robotics, and packaging equipment require specialty pneumatic hose. Polyconn has you covered. Whether you need the extreme flexibility of coiled tubing for pick-and-place equipment, multi-colored ribbon polyurethane tubing for systems that require multiple tubing lines, or static dissipative tubing for precision operations, we can find the specialty pneumatic tubing and hose for your job.

Trusted Supplier of Pneumatic Tubing & Hose for Automated Systems

For decades, Polyconn has been the premier supplier of pneumatic tubing, fittings, and hose for OEMs, MROs, and distributors across industries. We are dedicated to keeping your fluid power systems moving, allowing all automation, robotics, and packing applications to proceed safely, efficiently, and without expensive downtime. In addition to our industry-leading products, we are your go-to source of expert pneumatic information.

We Will Source Any Pneumatic Component You Need

Don’t see the exact pneumatic tubing in our catalogs that you need for your automation, robotics, or packaging work? Contact us today. We specialize in locating hard-to-find or specialty components for any production line, and we are ready to find and deliver your best pneumatic solution.