Top Supplier of Pneumatic Pipe Fittings, Air Manifolds & Fluid Power Components

Polyconn specializes in developing and supplying high-quality wholesale pneumatic tube, fittings, and components to distributors, OEMs, and MROs. We are your Master WAIRhouse® of fluid power products for any industrial application. We provide the best service, prices, and pneumatic parts to help you create the pneumatic system you require.
Our expansive inventory includes pneumatic manifolds, stainless steel fittings, the unique Duratec® pipe system, filter regulator lubricators, DOT fittings and much more. We have the capabilities to source any pneumatic component you need. If your specifications demand a part that is not listed in our product catalogs, no problem! We will still find and source a durable pneumatic solution at a price that matches your budget.

Your Master WAIRhouse® for Any Pneumatic Application

Polyconn is dedicated to being your #1 source for any miniature barb fitting or other pneumatic component. We maintain an extensive stock of straight, elbow, tee, bulkhead, and other mini fittings with high-performing features.

Pneumatic valves are used to control, modulate, or redirect the flow of air or other gases within a pneumatic system. Polyconn can source the valve you need to keep your systems flowing effectively, from quick exhaust valves to couplers, mufflers, and beyond. We specialize in developing and supplying high-quality valves for any industrial application.
Compressed air systems are prone to impurities such as dirt, pipe scale, moisture, rust, compressor oil, and more. Applying filters, air line regulators, and compressed air lubricators to your system removes these contaminants, expands the lifespan of your tools, and leads to a more efficient operation to save you time and money. FRLs are often used in semiconductor manufacturing. We maintain an extensive inventory of FRLs to support your industrial application.
We source plastic tubing, specialty tubing, pneumatic air hose, and tube and hose accessories to accomplish any planned pneumatic application. No matter the material, durometer level, size, or color tube and hose that you need, we have the capabilities to successfully source your solution.
Metal fittings sourced by Polyconn feature corrosion resistance, extreme durability, and high strength compared to fittings made from other materials. We offer compression fittings, barb fittings, and other metal fitting components made from stainless steel, brass, nickel-plated brass, and other materials to meet the demands of any industry.
Our sourced pneumatic manifolds are high quality, provide convenient junctions for distributing air, nonflammable gases, or fluids throughout a pneumatic system, and can supply power for multiple tools at once. We offer large high flow manifolds and standard manifolds with ready-to-ship and custom options available.
The Duratec Airline Piping System is an innovative, leak-proof air and inert gas distribution system that is quickly installed and maintained at a low price. Reduce the overall number of joints within your pneumatic system while saving on overall operation energy costs throughout the long lifespan of the Duratec system. Watch our Duratec video to see how it works!
We supply composite fittings and polypropylene and nylon fittings for when your pneumatic systems require a lighter weight fitting. Plastic fittings allow for unique configurations and shapes that may be difficult to achieve with a metal fitting, and they tend to be a more economical option.

Why Choose Polyconn for Your Wholesale Pneumatic Component Solutions?
Polyconn’s mission and top priority is to provide you with the uncompromising quality and service you deserve. Our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement will result in profitable growth not only for Polyconn but for you and your company as well.

Polyconn’s History of Growth & Excellence
Over four decades ago, at the request of many OEMs, distributors, and MROs, Polyconn was founded as a division of W.P. Nugent & Co. Inc. They needed a consistent and reliable source of basic pneumatic connection and control devices. Polyconn answered that need. Soon, we became the go-to supplier for anyone looking for hard-to-find pneumatic components across a variety of industries. Our extensive national and international database of supply partners enabled us to locate any fitting, manifold, or component to meet any requirement. As we grew and continued to exceed our customers’ expectations, our vendors recognized our high-quality services. They began asking us if we could handle some of their difficult-to-fulfill requests, and we agreed.  We have successfully served all ends of our supply chain ever since.

Your Go-To Source for Pneumatic Components, Knowledge and Customer Service
Polyconn is your partner in all things pneumatic. We’re not only your #1 supplier of hard-to-find pneumatic components, but we’re also your top source of technical expertise, knowledge, and resources. In addition to locating and delivering the pneumatic parts you need at competitive prices, we will help find solutions to all your pneumatic applications.

Contact us to learn more, place your order, and get started. Let the Master WAIRhouse® supply your pneumatic solutions today!