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Air Manifolds - Standard Flow

Standard compressed air manifolds are essential for systems with multiple supply lines branching to different locations. Built to last while delivering high-quality performances, standard compressed air manifolds provide distribution points to keep your system flowing as designed. As a leading supplier of pneumatic components, Polyconn is prepared to supply or source the specific compressed air manifolds that meet your specifications. 


Compressed Air Manifold Design Elements 

  • Ability to transport air, water, or hydraulic fluid
  • Operational temperatures from -10°F to 200°F
  • Capabilities to withstand harsh or corrosive environments
  • 1000 PSI for non-shock air
  • 3000 PSI for non-shock hydraulic
  • 2 to 10 or 90° inline standard outlets
  • 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 NPT female threaded outlet sizes
Don’t see the material, size, or configuration of standard flow manifold you require in our manifolds catalog? No problem! Contact us today. Polyconn specializes in sourcing hard-to-find components to satisfy any pneumatic system.

Is a Nickel-Plated or Black Anodized Compressed Air Manifold Best?

Both nickel-plated and black anodized aluminum compressed air manifolds deliver lasting performances in most pneumatic systems. However, each comes with its own strengths, weaknesses, and specifications. Your best choice will depend on your application’s requirements, environment, and other factors.

In addition to aluminum manifolds, we also offer brass, stainless steel, nylon, and polypropylene standard flow manifolds upon request. Call 763-559-0388 today to learn more about customized compressed air manifold options.

Compressed Air Manifolds |  Black Anodized

Lightweight and cost-effective, black anodized standard flow manifolds offer reliable performances in pneumatic systems. Black anodized finishes are ideal for any application that requires a low-maintenance, durable option. They resist corrosion and abrasion to provide long-lasting operations over long periods of use.

Compressed Air Manifolds | Nickel-Plated

Nickel plating adds some weight and size to standard pneumatic manifolds as well as several operational advantages. Heat resistant and wear resistant, nickel-plated standard manifolds are reliable and durable options that add visual appeal to exposed pneumatic systems. Much like their black anodized counterparts, these compressed air manifolds hold up to extended use over long lifespans.

Industrial Applications for Standard Compressed Air Manifolds

Standard air manifolds are versatile, high-performance options for pneumatic systems. Their durable constructions make them an ideal solution for:
  • Regulating flow in food and beverage packaging
  • Blood analyzers, clinical diagnostics, lab equipment, and other medical applications
  • Planters, tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural equipment
  • Industrial gas manifolds and other oil and gas machinery
  • And much, much more!

Polyconn is Your Top Source for Compressed Air Manifolds

Polyconn is your dedicated problem solver for any pneumatic component challenge. Whether you’re looking for specifications and conversion tools, pneumatic resources, exceptional product availability, or the industry’s best customer service, Polyconn is here to deliver. Explore our site and order the compressed air manifold you need today to take advantage of quick communication and fast shipping. From initial quotes through final delivery and beyond, Polyconn is your best choice.

We Can Source Custom Air Manifolds or Any Other Pneumatic Components You Need

Polyconn specializes in developing, sourcing, and supplying high-quality pneumatic components to meet any specification. Explore our extensive catalogs and price lists and let us know if you don’t see what you need. We’ll utilize our vast network of supplier and manufacturing partners to find your best solution.