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Filter Regulator Lubricator | FRLs

Compressed air systems are prone to impurities such as dirt, pipe scale, moisture, rust, compressor oil, and more. Applying filters, regulators, and lubricators to your system removes these contaminants, expands the lifespan of your tools, and leads to a more efficient operation to save you time and money. FRLs are often used in semiconductor manufacturing.

At Polyconn, we are dedicated to sourcing the air compressor system components you need. We maintain an extensive inventory of FRLs to support your industrial application. Don’t see a filter, regulator, or lubricator that matches your specifications listed in our FRLs Catalog? No problem. We’ll find the exact FRL you need and ensure it is delivered on time and within budget.

Our FRL Catalogs and Price Lists are available online.  Find the FRL product you need here or contact us online, by email, or give us a call for further information.

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Filter Regulator Lubricator

Air line filters, filter regulators, and air lubricators extend the life of your compressed air system by straining the air, trapping solid particles, and separating the liquid present in the air. FRLs provide regulated air so systems are not over-pressured, which leads to damaged components, and lubrication for smooth operations. This prevents damage to expensive equipment and minimizes factory downtime during costly maintenance processes. We offer a variety of options made from aluminum or stainless steel:
  • Air filters
  • Air line regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Combination filter/regulator
Polyconn’s standard options feature polycarbonate bowls with a guard. Optional anti-acid and alkali or aluminum bowls are also available. For systems with space constraints and size considerations, we also offer our mini 1/8” FRLs for small compressed air systems. Please read our FRL catalog for more information and specifications on individual products.

Not sure which features or materials are best for your system? Our sales team is here to help!

FRLs in Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel FRLs perform at a high level in outdoor applications and feature excellent resistance to high pressure, corrosion, and chemicals. Polyconn also offers stainless steel filter/regulator combination components to simplify your setup. This space-saving design reduces installation costs by performing two functions in a single part.

Air Line Filters

As the name suggests, pneumatic air filters work with regulators and lubricators to filter and clean contaminants from the air within a compressed air system. As the first stage of an FRL system, filters are placed upstream of the regulator and lubricator to prevent damage to your pneumatic compressed air setup. Filters are designed to remove water and particles effectively. They are easily replaceable with 5 or 40 micron elements and come standard with auto-drain features to assist daily maintenance.

Filter Regulators

After air moves through the air line filter, stainless steel filter regulators maintain a steady outlet pressure unaffected by fluctuations downstream. The Polyconn regulator is designed to be easily adjusted and maintained to keep your operations running as designed.

Filter Regulator Lubricator

Pneumatic air lubricators provide an oil spray in a mist to ensure good lubrication to pneumatic equipment. They maintain a constant oil-to-air density over a wide range of flow. The Polyconn lubricator oil can be replenished without shutting down your system and causing costly interruptions to workflow.

A Top Distributor of Compressed Air Filters, Filter Regulators and Filter Regulator Lubricators

Polyconn was founded from a tradition of growth, excellence, and expertise. We are proud to offer the industry’s best standard-size and mini filters, regulators, and lubricators to keep your compressed air system running as designed. In addition to our high-quality products sold at competitive prices, we are your go-to source for in-depth pneumatic knowledge and resources.

We Will Source the FRL You Need, Even if it's Not in Our Catalog

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