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Multi-Color Ribbon Polyurethane Tubing

Multi-Colored Ribbon tubing (MCR) is a bonded ribbon of multi-colored polyurethane tubing.  Any time that you are routing two or more lines, MCR is the way to go.  It offers faster installation times and eliminates the need for spiral wrap or jacketing.
The proprietary bonding process allows the tubing to be separated without leaving any residue.  This ensures a tight, leak free seal with push-in style fittings.  MCR is a durable cost-effective way to color code your tubing lines for identification, tracing or troubleshooting.
MCR is available in a wide range of stock configurations which are provided for you.  Custom configurations are available from 2 to 20 tubes.  Contact Polyconn for more information about custom configurations.

Our Tubing Catalog and Price List are available on-line.  Request a quote for the multi-color ribbon (MCR) tubing you need on-line today, or contact Polyconn for further information.
If the Qty shows "In Stock" please note that the availability is subject to change dependent upon quantity ordered.