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Polypropylene Fittings & Nylon Fittings

Composite plastic pipe fittings and hose barb fittings are designed to work with a variety of hose and tube in any pneumatic application. They are lightweight and economical options for systems where metal fittings should not be used due to chemicals or other issues. Polypropylene and nylon fittings are not a good fit for compressed gas systems.

Polyconn is your dedicated supplier of polypropylene and nylon pipe or barb fittings for any industrial application. We are confident we have the part you need to keep your operations running as designed. As your full-service pneumatic partner, we provide industry resources, hands-on experience, and unparalleled customer service. Start your order with Polyconn today!

Options & Configurations for Plastic Pipe Fittings

Nylon and polypropylene pipe fittings are versatile options that apply to many liquid applications and can be installed in most systems. Polyconn maintains a large inventory of nylon and polypropylene pipe fittings and hose barb fittings in a variety of configurations, sizes, and styles to meet your needs. Some features and benefits include:
  • 150 PSI operating pressure at room temperature
  • Lighter weight than metal fitting counterparts
  • Cost-effective.
Visit our Product Catalogs Page to find the Polypropylene and Nylon Pipe Fittings catalog or our Polypropylene and Nylon Barb Fittings catalog for more information and to find further specifications.

Polypropylene Barb Fittings & Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings and hose barb fittings made from polypropylene are used throughout many industries. This material is especially suited to agricultural applications because of its excellent resistance to chemicals, acid-based fertilizers, ammonium compounds, calcium carbonate, DDT, ethanol, hydrochloric acid, magnesium sulfate, and others. We offer several options for polypropylene fittings, such as:Polypropylene is not a good fit for applications involving aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon tetrachloride, gasoline, hexane, kerosene, nitric acid, sodium hypochlorite, toluene, trichloroethylene, or xylene.

Nylon Pipe Fittings & Hose Barb Fittings

As with polypropylene fittings, nylon pipe fittings and barb fittings are used throughout many industries but are especially useful in agricultural applications due to their high resistance to chemicals, ammonium compounds, detergents, diesel fuel, ethanol, gasoline, magnesium sulfate, most sodium compounds, trichloroethylene, and zinc sulfate. We offer:Nylon fittings should not be applied when acid-based fertilizers, bromine, chlorine, fluorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, or xylene are present.

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As your Master WAIRhouse, Polyconn is committed to sourcing and supplying the pneumatic components required by your system. If you don’t see a polypropylene or nylon fitting in our product catalogs that matches your specifications, let us know! We’ve worked hard to build lasting relationships with other distributors, manufacturers, and pneumatic component experts, enabling us to find and deliver the exact component demanded by your application. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

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