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Miniature Fittings

Miniature hose barb fittings feature raised ridges, called barbs, that grip the inside diameter of a tube to create an airtight seal. Versatile and easily installed through a push connection, miniature barb fittings are used in many industries, including food and beverage, medical, dental, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, and others.

Miniature Pneumatic Fittings in the Sizes You Need

Polyconn is dedicated to being your #1 source for any miniature barb fitting or other pneumatic component. We maintain an extensive stock of straight, elbow, tee, bulkhead, and other barb fittings with high-performing features:
  • Seven barb sizes and five thread sizes available
  • Larger thru-hole and captured O-ring design
  • Pressure rating: 125 PSI to moderate vacuum
  • Ships in quantities of 25 miniature barb fittings
  • Electroless Nickel-Plated, Brass, and Stainless Steel 302 or 316 options, with PEEK® and other materials available upon request

Captured O-Ring Seal Pneumatic Fittings

Polyconn fittings, equipped with 10-32 and ¼-28 UNF threads, showcase our innovative captured o-ring design. When installed correctly, the surrounding skirt of the o-ring enables the fitting to securely seat itself on the rim of the female thread, ensuring a snug fit. The buna-n o-ring is securely enclosed within the fitting's skirt, maintaining a discreet appearance while establishing a tidy connection. This design yields an exceptional seal, guaranteeing a leakproof connection even when paired with an imperfect sealing surface. Through proper torque application, the mechanical fit ensures the fittings remain securely in place, resisting displacement even amidst continuous vibrations. Additionally, the captured o-ring design eliminates the necessity for replacing gaskets or washers.


Miniature Barb Fittings

Polyconn stocks small hose barb fittings and threaded fittings in the size and configuration needed for virtually all pneumatic applications.

Straight Barb Fittings

Miniature straight barb fittings are suitable for pneumatic systems in confined areas as they can connect lines without the extra space required by standard hose barb fittings. We maintain a large inventory of straight miniature hose barb fittings to meet the needs of any pneumatic system, including hose barb-to-male thread or hose barb-to-female thread options. Standard, M4, M7, and M10 threads are currently stocked with SAE threads also available.

Elbow Barb Fittings

Typically used in small or handheld products, miniature elbow barb fittings effectively connect air lines in systems with space restrictions. Polyconn’s inventory offers options with M3 or M5 bolt threads as well as barb-to-male thread and barb-to-female thread options to match your pneumatic operation’s requirements.

Bulkhead Hose Barb Fittings

Miniature bulkhead hose barb fittings create a tighter grip and seal for high-pressure pneumatic systems. While most of our bulkhead barb fittings are made from metal, PEEK options are available upon request. Specifications include:
  • ID from 1/16” to 0.170”, depending on model
  • Buna-N O-Ring
  • Thread sizes from 10-32 to 5/16-24
We also offer tee barb-to-barb fittings for high-pressure applications requiring three lines to be joined.

Tee Barb Fittings

Featuring an O-Ring made from Buna-N and available in several sizes to meet the demands of any pneumatic system, miniature tee barb fittings feature a cylindrical design and are applied to join several pneumatic tubes. They have a UNF 10-32 thread and varying internal diameters.

Thread Fittings

Thread fittings are used mainly for small pipe diameters whose  nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller.

Polyconn Sells and Ships Miniature Fittings Worldwide

Polyconn is your one-stop shop for any pneumatic components you need. For decades, we’ve paired our excellent products with unparalleled customer service, uncompromising support, and on-time deliveries. We will keep your pneumatic system flowing at optimal levels through miniature fittings, tube and hose, and expert resources.

Choose Polyconn as Your Miniature Pneumatic Fittings Supplier

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