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Valves and FRLs

Pneumatic valves and components control the pressure, rate, and amount of air moving through a pneumatic system to provide safe and precise regulation. Polyconn is proud to be your top distributor of pneumatic valve components, maintaining extensive catalogs of pneumatic products. Don’t see the valve or filter regulator you’re looking for? No problem! We partner with a substantial network of suppliers and can source whatever pneumatic component you need to complete your job on time and within budget.

Pneumatic Valve Components for Industrial Applications

Industrial pneumatic valves, gauges, filter regulators and lubricators, and other industrial components are found throughout any application that relies on a pneumatic system to function. They are critical components that must resist corrosion, stand up to long-term and repeated use, and perform as designed.

Industrial Quick Exhaust Valves

Polyconn’s pneumatic quick exhaust valves are an ideal solution for increasing the speed of your industrial pneumatic system or cylinder. They can lower your cylinder’s back pressure to reduce pressure on the inlet side and save valuable amounts of compressed air. Quick exhaust valves also allow you to use a smaller valve as return air does not need to be forced back through the valve. They are commonly applied in:
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Pneumatic brake release systems
  • Small pneumatic presses
  • Air and inert gas valves
  • Pilot-operated valve dumps.

Pneumatic Circuit Control Valves

Our expansive industrial circuit control valves inventory is designed to direct or block airflow within a pneumatic system. Depending on your selected model and configuration, industrial circuit control valves serve a variety of applications including, but not limited to:
  • Compact size low flow systems
  • Maintaining desired vacuum levels
  • Applications with pneumatic cylinders.

Filter Regulators and Lubricators

Dirt, pipe scale, moisture, rust, and other impurities are common causes for issues within a pneumatic system. Our pneumatic FRLs are ideal for removing these contaminants to improve the lifespan of your system, avoid costly shutdowns for maintenance or upkeep, and increase overall efficiency. We offer air filters, air regulators, air lubricators, and combination filter regulators as well as coalescing air filters.

Pneumatic Couplers

Easily connect or disconnect tools from your facility’s air supply with high-quality pneumatic couplers from Polyconn! Available in many body sizes and configurations, including NPT threads, internal valves, and more, our pneumatic quick couplers work with the industrial interchange design of all manufacturers. Construction materials include:
  • Steel
  • Zinc-steel
  • Brass.

Industrial Mufflers & Breathers for Pneumatic Systems

Low-profile breather vents are constructed from sintered bronze and feature a maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI. These pneumatic breathers come standard with a male pipe thread for easy installation. They are often applied as vacuum relief or pressure equalization in gear boxes, storage tanks, and other vessels.
We also supply a large range of standard mufflers for any pneumatic application. Various sizes, configurations, and specifications are available to withstand light- to heavy-duty use. Our high-flow and standard industrial mufflers are made from stainless steel, aluminum, polyethylene, or sintered bronze.

Pneumatic Air Pressure Gauges

Polyconn offers a wide selection of dry or liquid-filled pneumatic air pressure gauges for industrial applications. Our industrial air pressure gauges are dependable, accurate, and provide highly repeatable results. We provide options with bottom or back mounting to satisfy any specification. All pneumatic gauges feature:
  • Dual-scale dials
  • Side-by-side measurements of PSI and metric readings
  • Black aluminum pointers with polycarbonate windows
  • Threaded brass NPT connections.
Our pneumatic air pressure gauges are ASME/ANSI B40.1 Grade A certified for accuracy.

Polyconn Will Source the Pneumatic Components You Need!

For over four decades, Polyconn has been an industry-leading supplier of high-performing pneumatic components and provider of unparalleled industry knowledge. We provide the products, resources, and competitive pricing you need for your application. Want to learn more about our pneumatic valves and other industrial components? Contact us today!