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Beverage bottling with food safe tubing Food and beverage processing, packaging, and dispensing equipment requires plastic food-grade components that meet strict FDA guidelines and other state or local standards. These components include plastic food-safe tubing. Present throughout most food and beverage applications, food-grade tubing is used in:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Beverage dispensing
  • Beverage bottling
  • Food production or processing
  • Transporting drinking water
  • Beer and liquor dispensing
  • And much, much more!
Polyconn is your premier source for high-quality food and beverage tubing. For decades, we have served an extensive range of industries through built-to-last pneumatic components, food-grade tubing, and other solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your food and beverage operations. An expert representative will be in touch to find your best plastic food-grade tube.

FDA-Compliant Food Grade Tube & Beverage Tubing

A variety of plastic food and beverage tubing is available for purchase. Along with our standard plastic food-grade tubing, we also offer metric tube for food or beverage processing. For further specifications and information, download our free plastic tubing catalog.

Polyethylene Food Safe Tubing

Polyethylene food and beverage tubing is a cost-effective choice that brings flexibility, crack resistance, and many other benefits to any application. Made from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), this food-grade tubing features a high burst pressure, great tensile strength, and is tasteless and odorless. Characteristics include:
  • Temperature range of -40ºF to +150ºF
  • 3:1 safety factor working pressure
  • Vacuum rated to 28” Hg
  • 50 Shore D hardness
Polyethylene is ideal for food and beverage processing systems that use push-to-connect or compression fittings.

Polyurethane Food Grade Tube

Extremely versatile, 70A and 90A durometer polyurethane is an excellent material for food-safe tubing. It is resistant to many influences, including kinking, abrasion, chemicals, mold, and bacteria growth, while displaying low gas permeability. However, polyurethane tubing’s most notable trait is its excellent memory, allowing the tube to flex and stretch before returning to its original shape. Other specifications are:
  • Naturally clear tubing with several colors and tints
  • Suitable for air logic applications
  • Various temperature ranges, working pressure, and vacuum ratings, depending on your selected tube
  • UV stabilized options available
Which fittings are best for polyurethane food-safe tubing can vary and might include plastic barb fittings or push-in fittings. Please note that while 70A and 90A durometer polyurethane tube is food grade, other polyurethane varieties do not meet the necessary guidelines.

Other Plastic Food & Beverage Tubing

Along with polyurethane and polyethylene plastic food-grade tubing, we offer a variety of tube made from other food-safe materials, including:

Plastic Tubing to Meet Your Required Regulations

Plastic food-grade tubing must meet strict standards for safe use, including FDA guidelines for the regulatory compliance of plastic materials used with food equipment or food contact applications. In the past, we’ve supplied food-safe tubing that is compliant with many regulatory statutes, including:
  • RoHS
  • NSF61
  • NSF51
  • Phthalate-free requirements
  • And others!
Call 763-559-0388 to learn more about these and other regulations for food safety that we can meet with high-performance plastic tubing.

Polyconn is Your #1 Pneumatic Supplier for Plastic Food Safe Tubing

Contact us today if you don’t see the food and beverage grade tubing you require to complete your job safely and without delay. In addition to our catalogs of pneumatic products, we can source any component you need.