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Pneumatic Tubing and Hose

Tubing and hose are critical components in any pneumatic system and deliver pressurized air, liquids, and other substances to where they need to go. Pneumatic tubing and hose can be made from a variety of materials and in many configurations to meet the needs of your pneumatic application.

Polyconn is your source for high-quality and dependable pneumatic tubing and hose. Our inventory is made in the USA and is comprised of a wide variety of materials, colors, and sizes. As your Master WAIRhouse, we are dedicated to supplying the hard-to-find pneumatic components you require for competitive prices.

Plastic Tubing

No matter your specifications, we have the best plastic tubing to help you complete your project. We stock a variety of colors that follow standard color-coding practices to keep your pneumatic system organized. Our plastic tubing is also available with an extensive range of durometers, coil diameters, and lengths. Plastic tubing materials include:As thermoplastic materials are heavily impacted by temperature, be sure to consider the reduced pressure capabilities of tubing as temperatures are increased. Check out our Tubing Catalog for more specifications.

Specialty Tubing

Specialty applications require specialty tubing. Whether you need pneumatic tube that is fire resistant, guards against spatter, dissipates static, or can join two or more lines, we have the specialty tubing solution to address any pneumatic application. We offer:Discover which specialty tubing meets your application’s requirements by perusing our Tubing Catalog.

Pneumatic Air Hose

Pneumatic air hose is used in many applications, from air and water transfer to plastic molding to medical instrumentation and beyond. Our stock of air hose is generally lightweight, weather-resistant, and is attached to fittings within a pneumatic system. We supply:To learn more about specific models of pneumatic air hose supplied by Polyconn, read our Pneumatic Air Hose catalog.

Tubing & Hose Accessories

Accessories for tubing and hose from Polyconn keep your pneumatic system organized and functioning as designed. With a range of features and configurations available, we have the plastic components you need to mark tubes, mount tubes to surfaces, and complete other functions necessary to your job. Our stock includes:Visit our downloadable Tubing and Hose Accessories catalog for further information about individual products.

Your Trusted Distributor of USA-Made Tubing for Pneumatic Systems

Polyconn is your #1 supplier of USA-made plastic tubing and air hose for pneumatic systems across a broad variety of industries including:When you choose us for your pneumatic needs, you choose reliable and high-quality products, unparalleled industry resources, and expert customer service.

We Will Source Any Pneumatic Component You Need

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem. Contact us today. We are committed to sourcing any tubing required by your application, even if it is not listed on our website.