We’ll source any pneumatic
component you need,
even if it isn’t in our catalog!

Request for Quote

Can you send me a hard copy of any pneumatic products catalog?

  • In our effort to be eco-friendly we no longer print catalogs. All catalogs and price lists are available on our website.

Can I get specifics or dimensions on your pneumatic products?

  • We have technical drawings for a number of our products available either on the product page or in the catalog.  Also see features and specifications on each product page.  If the drawing you require is not available please contact customer service at sales@polyconn.com.

Can I get samples of your pneumatic products?

  • Samples may be available for a variety our pneumatic components.  Please contact our customer service at sales@polyconn.com.

Can I use the Duratec® Airline Pipe System with other systems?

  • The Duratec® fittings and airline pipe are only compatible with each other.  They will not work with any other airline pipe system.

How can I place an order with Polyconn?  Can I place an order on the phone?

  • In order to protect your order we prefer to receive orders via e-mail, fax or on our website. Please feel free to call or email if you need assistance placing your order for pneumatic components.

Do you offer quantity price breaks on your fluid power products?

Are you your pneumatic products priced/sold individually or by package quantities?

  • Please refer to the website for price per piece and package price under product lines.  For products that have package quantities we show individual price and overall package price.  Even though individual prices are shown on packaged items they are sold by their listed package quantities.

What is the lead-time (availability) of your pneumatic products?

  • Please refer to our website to see if a product is available.  Note, not all of the products we have available are on our website; please contact us if the product you're looking for is not shown on-line.

Where are you located?  From where do you ship?

  • We are located in Plymouth, MN.  Most of our products are shipped from our MN warehouse.

How will I know you received my order?

  • We send out order acknowledgements upon order entry.  If you have not received an acknowledgement of your order, please contact us.

What is the status of my order?

  • If you placed your order on our website, you can log on to your account to see latest update.  If you faxed or e-mailed your order to us, please contact us at sales@polyconn.com to check the status for your pneumatic components order.

What is the tracking number on my order?

  • The tracking number is located on the lower left hand corner of the invoices we send out the day your order ships.  If your tracking number is not on your invoice please contact us.  If you placed your order on our website please log on to your account to see the latest update. We include the tracking number on shipped orders.  

Can I get a copy of my order acknowledgement/invoice?

  • We can send you a copy of the order acknowledgement and/or invoice upon request.  Please e-mail your request to sales@polyconn.com.