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Polyconn is the go-to pneumatic parts and components supplier for OEMs, MROs, and distributors. Our parts are used across industries, keeping fluid power systems moving in manufacturing applications, food and beverage processing setups, and more.

From our extensive catalog of products to our expert informational resources, we are dedicated to supporting your operations through high-quality pneumatic products that deliver dependable performances.

Polyconn’s History

In the early 1980s, Polyconn was founded as a separate division of W.P. Nugent Co. Inc. when clients required a consistent and reliable source of essential fluid components. These parts included pneumatic connection and control devices. We quickly established a large database of suppliers worldwide, and it wasn’t long before Polyconn became known as the place to call when anyone needed a hard-to-find component.

As we grew and our vendors recognized the service we were providing and the volume we were purchasing, they began to ask if we could handle some of the many requests they received but could not easily fulfill. Today, Polyconn is proud to serve customers at all ends of the supply chain, enabling us to find non-standard and difficult-to-source components to satisfy any pneumatic need.

Commitment to Quality Pneumatic Parts & Services is Our Mission

Polyconn’s mission is to provide you, our customers, with the uncompromising quality and excellent service you deserve. Our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement is designed to encourage growth for Polyconn and your business. We seek to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with every order, and we look forward to developing and supplying the best pneumatic fittings, pneumatic manifolds, pneumatic tubing, and other pneumatic parts for your specific system.

Pneumatic Manifolds, Fittings & Tubing for Competitive Prices

Polyconn maintains an extensive in-stock inventory of ready-to-ship pneumatic parts and can source any component you need for your pneumatic system. Polyconn manifolds, fittings, and tubing lead the industry, providing excellent performances, easy installations, and on-time deliveries for the best prices on the market. Start your order today!

Polyconn is Your Top Pneumatic Parts Supplier for Industrial Systems

Polyconn has supplied pneumatic parts and tube to industrial operations for over forty years. Our decades of industry experience allow us to navigate increasingly complex supply chains to find the parts you need to keep your pneumatic system functioning as designed.

Contact us or call 763-559-0388 today to learn more about our available products, sourcing services, and other pneumatic capabilities. A dedicated and highly trained representative will be in touch as soon as possible.