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Pneumatic Pressure Gauges

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Polyconn offers pressure gauges in a wide selection of pressure ranges and case sizes.  Our pressure gauges can be used with air, gas, oil or water, to measure pressure within any operating system.  We carry gauges with standard case sizes from 1-1/2” to 2-1/2”.



Air Pressure Gauge Styles

Our pressure gauges are available dry or liquid-filled.  All of Polyconn’s pressure gauges deliver outstanding accuracy, but our liquid-filled gauges are better suited for high-vibration applications, as the liquid inside the casings help minimize pointer fluctuations.  Both our dry and liquid-filled pressure gauges utilize Bourdon tube movement, to provide better repeatability and accuracy.  These Bourdon tubes are C-shaped in copper alloy for measurements up to 600 PSI, and Helical in phosphor bronze for measurements above 600 PSI.

Pneumatic Pressure Gauge Features and Options

Our pressure gauges are available with mounting on the bottom or center-back.  Contact us if your application calls for a different mounting option as more are available.  Visit our catalogs page to view the gauge catalog as well. All pressure gauges include dual scale dials, with side-by-side measurements for both PSI and metric readings (KPA and Bar).  Our dry pressure gauges feature a corrosion resistant black steel casing, and our liquid-filled pressure gauges feature a 304 stainless steel casing.  All pressure gauges feature black enameled aluminum pointers, polycarbonate windows (temperature compensating for liquid filled only), and a threaded brass NPT connection.  Polyconn’s precision pressure gauges are ASME/ANSI B40.1 Grade A (2-1-2%) certified for accuracy.