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DOT Brass Air Fittings

Vehicles and automotive assemblies must meet strict guidelines set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). As your go-to supplier of pneumatic solutions, Polyconn is your top source for DOT-approved pneumatic fittings, including DOT brass air fittings. Our listed brass push-to-connect DOT air fittings offer:




  • Compliance with Air Brake Performance requirements, including DOT FMVSS 571.106, SAE J1131, SAE J2494-1, SAE J2494-3
  • Brass constructions with Viton O-rings for superior holding capabilities
  • -30°F -250°F (0°C - 60°C) operating temperatures
  • 0 to 250 PSI pressure ranges
  • And more!

Visit our comprehensive catalog for further DOT brass fitting specifications, and contact us with any questions. A knowledgeable member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.


Available DOT Brass Fittings

Polyconn has the capabilities to access an extensive range of push-to-connect fittings for DOT-approved assemblies, including air brake lines. Quick and easy to install, these DOT brass fittings improve performance in any pneumatic system. We offer brass:
  • DOT Male Elbow and Elbow Swivel 45 Degree Fittings
  • DOT Union Tubes, Tees, Elbows, and Bulkheads
  • DOT Male and Female Connectors
  • DOT Male Elbows and Elbow Swivels
  • DOT Female Elbows and Elbow Swivels
  • DOT Male Run Tees and Run Tee Swivels
  • DOT Male Run Branch Tees and Tee Swivels
  • DOT Female Branch Tees and Tee Swivels
  • DOT Female Bulkheads
Call 763-559-0388 today if you do not see the exact DOT brass air fitting you need for the pneumatic system in your heavy-duty truck, trailer, or other transportation vehicle. Polyconn specializes in sourcing and supplying hard-to-find or non-standard fittings to fit your specifications, even if they are not listed in our catalog. An expert representative will talk through your needs and identify your best solution.

Benefits of Brass Push-to-Connect DOT Air Brake Fittings

From connecting air brake lines to powering adjustable windows and beyond, DOT brass fittings are built to last in your transportation assembly. They add many advantages to your pneumatic system and overall operations, such as:
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Quick and easy disassembly processes
  • Collet design provides excellent grip
  • Excellent corrosion resistance for harsh operating conditions
  • Built-in tube support to prevent tubing from collapsing
  • Leak-proof connections
  • And much more!

Push-to-Connect DOT Air Fittings for Your Assembly

DOT-approved pneumatic systems require high-quality components to function as designed. As your trusted pneumatic supplier, Polyconn offers DOT brass air fittings, DOT composite fittings, DOT nylon tubing, and other components compliant with DOT guidelines. Our catalog is built to support your operations as you manufacture or repair systems for many types of trucks, trailers, railway components, mobile vehicles, and other transportation assemblies:
  • Air brake connections
  • Cab controls
  • Windows
  • Door locks
  • Adjustable mirrors
  • Wipers
  • Air-operated seats
  • Operating gauges
  • Air horns
  • Heater controls
  • Gear shifts
  • And much more!

Polyconn is Your #1 Source for DOT Brass Air Fittings & Other Push to Connect Fittings

From supplying options from our catalog to sourcing non-standard DOT brass air fittings, Polyconn is ready to be your top resource for all things pneumatic. We proudly serve OEMs, MROs, and distributors across markets through high-quality parts, unparalleled industry knowledge, and prompt customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our DOT brass air fitting options.