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Quick Exhaust Valves

Polyconn quick exhaust valves are designed for the rapid purge of air or exhaust from a pneumatic system. They are most commonly used at cylinder ports to significantly increase cylinder speed, particularly in return cycles. Our quick exhaust valves can also be used for valving or other pneumatic applications where a quick alleviation of air pressure or exhaust would be advantageous.

All of Polyconn’s quick exhaust valves are manufactured from forged brass, and nickel plated for superior corrosion resistance. They include nylon or NBR 70 seal gaskets. Our quick exhaust valves are available in sizes from 1/8” to 1” NPT F, to fit nearly any size cylinder or implement. They have a working pressure range from 0 to 150 PSI. Their operational temperature range is 0°F to 160°F.

Our quick exhaust valves are the ideal way to boost the speed of your pneumatic system. Request a quote today, or contact Polyconn for more information.