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Broad Pneumatic Product Offering

As a pneumatic automation distributor, we do our best to provide all the products, big and small, that our clients may need for their projects. Polyconn’s broad product offering has been a huge help in filling the gaps in plumbing and specialty components that we require on a regular basis. The customer service staff is very flexible and helpful in meeting our needs, and we are always looking forward to the next new product release from Polyconn.

- Tim Schauer, E-Motion, Inc.

User Friendly Online Ordering

I find ordering online very user friendly and when I call with questions the staff is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.  I also handle the return side and with very, very few returns it shows that your products that we use are very reliable.

Thank you,

- Jeff, Automation Inc.

Excellent Customer Service

I can honestly say, your customer service department is one of the best, not only do you always follow up, but you insure that any information given is accurate and thoroughly researched. You’ve helped us countless times with our “special” customers, always with diligence, professionalism and a smile, (yes, I can always hear it in your voice). I look forward to our continued distributor – vendor relationship!

Thank you,

- Evangeline, Provoast Automation Controls

Excellent Communications and Service

Good Morning Amy,

I wanted to thank you for your diligence and work on this order.  I really appreciate your communication and the additional steps you took to meet my delivery timing, especially considering the small dollar amount.  Your customer service skills are outstanding!  I would like to express my compliments and gratitude for your support to your Supervisor as well.   Please feel free to forward to him or her.

 Thank you again

 - Susan R, KY

Duratec Pipe System


I wanted to write to tell you about my experience in regards to using the Duratec system you recommended. 

I am in the process of starting a tool and component coating facility.  What my shop needed, was a 300 foot loop (header) of clean, dry air with about 7 drops, with more to come as the business grows.  I had been on several forums that discussed the pros and cons of the current available system.  The options included black pipe, copper, pvc, aluminum pipe, and regular PEX tubing.  I had to rule out PVC (safey reasons) as well as Black Pipe (corrosion issues).  Pex seemed like a good, inexpensive option but it was quickly noted that it was not rated for air, and would degrade over time due to UV issues. 

My options at the time for a good, permanent system seemed to be limited to copper or aluminum pipe.   As we all know, copper prices have gone through the roof, and installation of sweating copper pipes and attaching them to rafters (21 feet in the air) is no simple task.  At the same time, I priced out an aluminum pipe system and quickly realized that the cost of the pipe and fittings far surpassed my budget. 

Then Bill from Polyconn, introduced me to the duratec system.  I was more than happy with the price, and even happier with the ease of installation.  I put in 300 feet of 3/4" (I.D.) duratec pipe, with (7) 1/2" drops.   The pipe was flexible and stayed in position when you bent it around corners, so no elbows were needed.  I secured the pipe with the steel rafters using only nylon zip ties.  The drops were so easy to put in: Just a quick cut with a tube cutter, and about a minute to put the "T" on. 

When we got the compressor going and the quick connects put on, we juiced up the system to 110 PSI and listened for leaks.  There were none.  We stayed at the shop for an hour, and the pressure held perfectly.  When I came in the next day, the system was still at 100 PSI !!

To say that I am mechanically inclined would be the understatement of the year, but my friend and I were able to do the whole job in roughly 5 hours start to finish. The only issue that we had is that we were constantly second guessing ourselves saying "is it really this easy"?  At the end of the day, I figured I did the whole system for about 1/4 the cost of copper, and about 1/3 the cost of aluminum pipe.  Not to mention about 1/10 the labor.  To say that i'm pleased with this system is also a huge understatement.

 Thanks Bill!!

- Mike Erickson, North Star Coating

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