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Pneumatic Manifolds

Our pneumatic air manifolds provide convenient junctions for the distribution of gases or fluids throughout your facility. They’re ideal for control systems or networks that need to branch out to supply pneumatic power to multiple locations. By running a feed line from your facility’s air compressor to one of Polyconn’s manifolds, you can use its output ports to supply pneumatic power for multiple tools at once. We can supply pneumatic manifolds with convenient push-in fittings, for easy tool attachment and detachment.

Polyconn’s manifolds can operate at up to 1000 PSI for non-shock air and 3000 PSI for non-shock hydraulic. They can operate in temperature ranges from -10°F to 200°F, for outstanding performance even in harsh work environments. Our pneumatic manifolds can be used for compressed air and any liquids that are compatible with the manifolds’ construction materials.

Custom sizes, configurations, and materials are available upon request.  Please contact us by email or phone for a quote.