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High Flow Polyethylene Muffler

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The Polyethylene muffler has a high-density porous body ultrasonically welded to the solid polyethylene base.  It is light weight, durable, highly effective for noise reduction without excessive back pressure.  The unique structure channels escaping air to reduce the noise level within OSHA requirements.
The durable porous polyethylene body can withstand high working pressures up to 150 PSI.  In an unlikely event of a blowout, the resilient plastic body will not shatter.  The muffler is completely non-corrosive and highly resistant to water and ail. Usually present in compressed air lines and can be easily cleaned with methylene chloride or similar cleansing fluid.
This muffler should be mounted in a protective position free from excessive vibration.  Hand tighten ONLY to secure the device.
  • Max Operating Pressure:  150 PSI (10.5 kg/cm2)
  • Operating Temperature:  41° - 140°F (5° - 60° C)
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