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Breather Vent

  • Breather Vent

These low-profile breather vents have many applications.  They are most often used on single acting cylinders or valves to prevent dirt and foreign particles from entering ports open to the atmosphere.  Common uses can also be found on vacuum relief or pressure equalization for gear boxes, crank cases, storage tanks or other vessels whenever pressure equalization is required.
Supplied with standard male pip threads, they can be installed, with little protrusion, as a flat integral part of the equipment.  Unit should be mounted in a protective position from excessive vibration.  Use wrench on hex head to tighten unit to the device.  The filter element used in the standard breather vent is rated for 40-micron filtration.

  • Max Operating Pressure:  150 PSI (10.55 kg/cm2)
  • Operating Temperature:  35° - 300°F (1.6° - 149°C)
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