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The Air Filter Cleaner

Air Filter Cleaner video The Air Filter Cleaner is a fast, safe, and effective way to clean your air filters.  Your typical farmer runs at least 3 pieces of equipment during harvest season.  A combine, tractor, & semi.

Let’s say you work 8 hours per day:

3 pc. Equip. x 8 hours = 24 hours
24 hours x 5 gallons fuel = 120 gallons a day
120 gallons of diesel x $3 per gallon = $360
The Air Filter Cleaner pays for itself in one day!

This precision machined tool is built with strength and integrity using only the highest grade of materials.  The products chosen to build this money saving tool, are not ordinary, everyday items.  The specialty products were chosen so that this tool will stand the test of time.  The Air Filter Cleaner can easily be tossed in the back end of your service truck, or left outside in all the elements without damage.