Plastic Push-In Fittings

Plastic Push-In Fittings
Plastic Push-In Fittings
Polyconn's plastic push-in fittings are made from Acetal, also known as POM.  They are highly durable and resistant to fatigue and creep.  It has high resistance to a wide range of organic & inorganic chemicals and detergents.  It is NOT recommended for use with strong acids or repeated exposure to strong oxidizers.

  • Water and Food
  • Air
  • Gasses (non explosive)
  • Vacuum
  • Liquids

Our plastic fittings are manufactured from safe, non-toxic materials meeting the requirements of the US FDA, WRAS, ANSI/NSF-51, 61 and SK Zert. These are widely used in water purification, food/beverage and pneumatic systems.
The plastic fitting provides quick and convenient assemble – saving time & expense.  Defects are easily detectable and maintenance is easy with quick dismantling access.  All connections can be assembled & disassembled repeatedly.

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