Press Release, Polyconn Introduces New Product Packaging

Polyconn Introduces New Product Packaging  

For Immediate Release                                         Contact:
                                                                                    Bill Nugent Jr.
                                                                                    (763) 559-0388 (phone)
                                                                                    (763) 398-2590 (fax)
Plymouth, June 1, 2015 –Polyconn announces the introduction of new packaging standards for shipping, identifying and storing its products. The box and box labeling make the product easily identifiable and stackable.
Bill Nugent Jr., COO said, “As an organization we are focused on supplying and protecting our pneumatic components with the care our customers expect of us. By choosing to ship our products in well-constructed paperboard, we are protecting our products from dust, dirt and other contaminants during shipping and storing either in our facilities or in the field. These paperboard boxes are manufactured in the USA using wind power.”
Polyconn is a master distributor of pneumatic and fluid handling components including standard and custom manifolds, pneumatic couplers, tube and hose fittings, plastic tubing, and pneumatic air hose for all type of applications.
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